London lawn care tips for dry summer damage

Brown dry patches on lawns are all too common, especially after summer days when the sun has left not only us but our grass parched. The summer months are the times when we want to arrange BBQs, the children are off school and excited to play outside, and we want to entertain and relax in […]

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Ant and ant hills in lawns

Ants in lawns are a nuisance and are difficult to eliminate.  They nest deep down in the soil, and as such, insecticides have no effect on them. They create unsightly ant hills which can make a lawn uneven. They are not dangerous, but elimination is difficult, and there is no assured method of killing them. […]

Red Thread

Red Thread – Laetisaria Fuciformis – is a fungal disease which attacks grass. It appears as irregular patches of light, brown grass which have a reddish hue. On closer inspection a small red spike can be seen protruding from the tip of the affected blades. The roots are not affected and the grass usually recovers […]