London lawn care tips for dry summer damage

Brown dry patches on lawns are all too common, especially after summer days when the sun has left not only us but our grass parched. The summer months are the times when we want to arrange BBQs, the children are off school and excited to play outside, and we want to entertain and relax in our gardens. Our nice fun garden plans can be cut drastically short, however, when our grass is dry, brittle, and looks a little bit under-nurtured… This is why you need professional lawn treatments in London.


Dry grass patches and how to treat them

When your grass is brown and dried out and a little straw-like, it isn’t necessarily because the sun has dried the grass out itself, but really because it has dried out the topsoil which compacts it. This results in moisture not being able to penetrate the ground and reach the grass roots and seeds. Regardless of whether it’s that classic British summer rainfall or a sprinkling from a watering can, your lawn won’t be easily hydrated without taking professional lawn care measures. Even with heavy rainfall or heavy watering, the soil may still not relent and actually induce puddling because the water cannot be absorbed.

If you’re noticing brown or dry patches that are resistant to watering, then you need the help of the lawn care professionals at Supagrass. Dead grass cannot be revived, sadly, so to avoid the need for new grass turf it’s highly recommended that you take good care of your lawn through regular maintenance.


Hollow tine aeration – the lawn treatment for dry grass

Hollow tine aeration is one of the professional lawn treatments we use to help revive dry grass patches. Hollow tine aeration involves puncturing the lawn with a hollow-pronged instrument, causing the removal of cylindrical areas of soil. This opens up columns in the lawn that allows for greater absorption of water because it can penetrate past the compacted upper layers of soil and also aids drainage, therefore avoiding puddling. This is only one of the lawn revival treatments we use, as we also have an array of professional products to boost the health of your grass.


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