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Why is lawn thatch such a problem?

People commonly confuse lawn thatch with grass clippings that haven’t decomposed thoroughly into the turf. In truth, grass clippings can actually be good for the lawn, decomposing fairly quickly and feeding turf with valuable nutrients, whilst enriching the soil. Thatch on a lawn is a different story. This is actually a combination of roots, stems and organic matter which form a barrier between the soil and the grass and creates a sponge-like layer.

Thatch in your lawn can cause a number of problems.  It forms a barricade which prevents oxygen fertilisers, nutrients and moisture passage to the grass roots and deeper into the soil. Surface moisture is retained by thatch, attracting roots to the surface instead of promoting deep root growth and a vigorous lawn.


Types of lawn thatch

Lawn thatching can be split into two very distinctive types – surface and subsurface thatching. Both types create their own individual problems and can be critical to the condition of the turf without expert lawn maintenance. If you spot any of the following symptoms, get in touch with our lawn maintenance specialists here at Supagrass Lawn Treatment Service.


Surface Thatch
A build up of dead grass, leaves, moss and other organic matter on the surface of the lawn.

Sub Surface Thatch
A dense woody and fibrous root system below the surface of the lawn.


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