If you are looking for hollow tine aeration services in London, look no further. Here at Supagrass Lawn Treatment Services, we specialise in hollow tining solutions to aerate lawns and relieve compacted turf. This is the most cost-effective way to relieve compaction and keep your lawn healthy and looking great through all seasons. The simple process also thins out sub-surface thatch and allows water, fertilisers and air to penetrate deep into the root zone, for better –looking grass.

As specialist lawn treatment experts, we offer hollow tine aeration throughout London with seasonal treatments available at cost-effective prices. If you want to ensure your lawn looks healthy, get in touch with us here today, and call us for a FREE no-obligation quote on 020 8365 9955.

Why hollow tine aerate lawns in London?

• Reduce sub-surface thatch.
• Relieve compaction.
• Encourage deeper root growth.
• Improve the passage of air, moisture and nutrients to grass roots.
• Promote strong growth.
• Improve drainage.

This effective lawn treatment reduces the causes of sub-surface thatch and the machines we use extract thousands of cores from your lawn, which gradually close of their own accord, as the soil around them crumbles and fills the void. Not only does this relieve compaction, it also encourages deeper roots and strong growth during the spring and summer, whilst increasing the sward density.

Improve the quality of your lawn with hollow tine aeration in London

You will soon see the benefits of a fully aerated lawn and benefit from handsome and hearty grass with our hollow tine services. If you notice grass doesn’t grow well, the lawn frequently becomes flooded or it is often water-logged, seek expert help from us here at Supagrass.

We deliver fast and efficient solutions designed to restore the vitality of your grass. To find out more about hollow tine aeration in London, all you have to do is contact us today or call to speak to us on 020 8365 9955.


Even if the rootzone is not compacted and there is not a substantial amount of sub-surface thatch it is never bad to aerate your lawn to allow it to breathe and we suggest that you try and have hollow tine aeration annually.