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Brown patches on lawn surfaces are one of the most common grass problems. If you notice brown spots on lawn surface areas, this could indicate a dry patch where the subsoil is extremely compacted and less likely to absorb water. We recommend brown patch lawn care in this instance with expert lawn care advice from our specialists here at Supagrass Lawn Treatment Services.  If you have a brown lawn, let us treat this for you, and help you prevent dry patch in the future.

Classic symptoms of dry patch in London lawns

It is very easy to spot dry patches in lawns. You might notice areas of the lawn turning brown after previously being a vivid green. The problem will probably be more noticeable during dry spells of weather and doesn’t improve even after you have given the lawn a good watering. Soil areas underneath the brown patches are usually bone dry even when you have watered the affected areas, and in the most severe cases, puddling can happen on the surface area during heavy rainfall, but the soil underneath will still remain dry.



When your lawn has dry patch, dry, brown patches appear on the surface area and the grass doesn’t grow or looks like it has died even on well-watered lawns. Should any or all of these symptoms become noticeable on your lawn, you should consider a dray patch lawn treatment in London and contact us here at Supagrass Lawn Treatment Services for expert help and advice.

We can care for your dry patch lawn. Contact us for more details.

Are you suffering from dry, brown patches on your lawn? Let us assist you here at Supagrass with our lawn treatment plans. Dry patch treatments are available throughout London to restore and revive a lawn.

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