Is it worth using Supagrass even if I think my lawn is beyond saving?
Absolutely, we continue to amaze our customers at the results even with lawns that have been neglected.

When should I start using Supagrass?
At any time because lawns require care and attention all year round.

How can I assist Supagrass to improve my lawn?
Mow the lawn regularly and correctly. Water during dry spells to keep it green.

Are the products Supagrass use safe for children and pets?
They are, providing that young children and dogs are kept off the lawn until the weed killer has dried, usually less than 3 hours. Pets such as Guinea pigs and rabbits must stay off the grass for 5 days.

What if I already have a gardener?
Supagrass are specialists in lawn treatment. We intend to work with you and your gardener to help achieve the garden that you desire. In fact, we receive many recommendations from gardeners.

Do I have to water your fertilisers in?
No. Watering in our fertiliser is not normally necessary as rainfall and morning dew will usually break down the granules. During dry periods to get the best from our treatments we would recommend that you water your lawn.


It is advisable to water you lawn early in the morning or in the evening. This is because when the sun is high in sky some of the water will evaporate and may possibly burn the blades of grass because the droplets of water magnify the heat of the sun.