Phil_Headshot3Phil Adshead has been in the turf industry since the age of 16 and has over 14 years experience. Previous to starting up Supagrass Reading, Basingstoke & Farnborough, Phil had a career in golf course maintenance, working at such golf courses as Augusta National and Sunningdale Golf Club.

In 2002, after completing an NVQ in Sportsturf, Phil undertook an internship with Ohio State University in the United States to further his career. Phil was placed at Merion Golf Club which is to host the 2013 US Open.

Returning to the UK, Phil completed a Foundation degree in Sportsturf Science at the University of Central Lancashire. After graduating, he joined the Supagrass team by becoming the senior lawn technician for Supagrass Thames Valley. For 5 years he helped Supagrass become a leader in lawn care in the Berkshire area.

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At Reading, Basingstoke and Farnborough branch we provide lawn treatment services in the following postcodes:

GU11 1GU14 0GU16 7GU51 4GU52 9RG6 4RG21 4RG22 5RG24 9RG27 8
GU11 2GU14 6GU16 8GU51 5RG2 0RG6 5RG21 5RG22 6RG25 2RG27 9
GU11 3GU14 7GU16 9GU52 0RG2 7RG7 1RG21 6RG23 7RG26 3RG29 1
GU12 4GU14 8GU51 1GU52 6RG2 8RG7 2RG21 7RG23 8RG26 4
GU12 5GU14 9GU51 2GU52 7RG2 9RG7 3RG21 8RG24 7RG26 5
GU12 6GU16 6GU51 3GU52 8RG6 3RG21 3RG22 4RG24 8RG27 0
HA4 0HP7 6HP13 5SL2 2SL8 5GU17 1GU24 7RG10 8RG42 2SL4 6
HA4 6HP7 7HP13 6SL2 3SL9 0GU17 2GU24 8RG10 9RG42 3SL5 0
HA4 7HP8 4HP13 7SL2 4SL9 7GU17 3GU24 9RG12 0RG42 4SL5 7
HA4 8HP9 1HP14 3SL2 5SL9 8GU17 4GU25 4RG12 1RG42 5SL5 8
HA4 9HP9 2HP14 4SL3 0SL9 9GU17 5GU46 6RG12 2RG42 6SL5 9
HA5 1HP 10 0HP15 6SL3 6UB10 0GU17 6GU46 7RG12 7RG42 7SL7 1
HA5 2HP 10 1HP15 7SL3 7UB10 8GU17 7GU47 0RG12 8RG45 6SL7 2
HA5 3HP 10 2SL0 0SL3 8UB10 9GU17 8GU47 1RG12 9RG45 7SL7 3
HA5 4HP 10 3SL0 9SL3 9UB8 1GU17 9GU47 2RG40 1RG9 1TW18 1
HA5 5HP 10 4SL1 1SL6 0UB8 2GU18 5GU47 3RG40 2RG9 2TW18 2
HA6 1HP 10 5SL1 2SL6 1UB8 3GU19 5GU47 4RG40 3RG9 3TW18 3
HA6 2HP 10 6SL1 3SL6 2UB9 4GU20 6GU47 5RG40 4RG9 4TW18 4
HA6 3HP 10 7SL1 4SL6 3UB9 5GU24 0GU47 6RG40 5RG9 5TW19 5
HP7 0HP 10 8SL1 5SL6 4UB9 6GU24 1GU47 7RG41 1RG9 6TW19 6
HP7 1HP10 9SL1 6SL6 5GU15 1GU24 2GU47 8RG41 2SL4 1TW19 7
HP7 2HP11 1SL1 7SL6 6GU15 2GU24 3GU47 9RG41 3SL4 2TW20 0
HP7 3HP11 2SL1 8SL6 7GU15 3GU24 4RG10 0RG41 4SL4 3TW20 8
HP7 4HP12 3SL1 9SL6 8GU15 4GU24 5RG10 1RG41 5SL4 4TW20 9
HP7 5HP12 4 SL2 1SL6 9GU17 0GU24 6RG10 2RG42 1SL4 5