Ant and ant hills in lawns

Ants in lawns are a nuisance and are difficult to eliminate.  They nest deep down in the soil, and as such, insecticides have no effect on them. They create unsightly ant hills which can make a lawn uneven. They are not dangerous, but elimination is difficult, and there is no assured method of killing them. Most ants in lawns are red ants and they can ‘ bite ‘ which sometimes results in minor skin irritation.

One method often recommended to control ants is as follows :
• Create one or two holes, with a garden dibber, into the ant hill
• Pour boiling water down the holes, making sure not to spill onto the grass as the water will kill the grass. Use a funnel to avoid spillage onto the grass.
• Smear nippon ant liquid ( it is actually a gel ) around the top inner circumference of the hole(s). The gel comes in a red tube and can be purchased from most hardware outlets.

The ants will run away from the water, travel up the hole to the nearest point of relief. They will think the gel is food, ingest it, and take it back to the nest to feed their young. The gel is actually a poison and will kill many of the ants in the nest. Please note however that elimination is not guaranteed.